The Positive Side of Diabetes Print Article     Email to a friend
by Angela Lemont

I, like every diabetic, have had my moments of "diabetes overwhelmus" when it just seems like too much. Diabetes is not rational - you can control every factor and still get an unexpected result. During my weakest moment to date, I actually cried like a know, the very loud, sobbing and incoherent crying. It was a much-needed release of pent up frustration.

I have also had days when I feel so very Diabetes Awareness T-Shirtsthankful for diabetes...yes, thankful. I do not think anything else would have motivated me to take such good care of myself. I exercise almost every day, I am eating my vegetables with dinner (and I hate vegetables), I am keeping my stress low, I am getting my vaccinations, I am no longer taking my blessings in life for granted...I am taking care of both my emotional and physical health. Not only this, but I am positively impacting the health of my husband. He is eating well and exercising with me - this is so unlike our lifestyle pre-diabetes. I also know that our future children will grow up being positively influenced by these lifestyle changes.

I know the potential complications are terrifying, and I know that the medication (especially if on insulin) is a burden. However, I have got to believe that, in the long run, we as diabetics living healthy lifestyles have a much better chance for a long and healthy life than the average American. We are not sitting around sedentary. We are not eating Big Macs and doughnuts every day. We are not letting our stress level get out of control. We are actively taking care of ourselves. Not many people can say that.

Take time today to feel proud of yourself. You are improving the quality of life for you and your loved ones. There are so many negatives that come with diabetes -- let's not forget the positive side as well.

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