IBS & Crohnís Disease: No Beer for You Print Article     Email to a friend
by Dan Lemont

Millions of people around the world enjoy beer. Some are fanatical about beer Ė its taste, aroma, history, texture, and color - while others enjoy an occasional taste to nicely compliment a hot dog. Regardless of your level of affection for beer, it is safe to say that it is one of the most revered beverages of our day. That is unless you are one of hundreds of thousands suffering from IBS or Crohnís Disease.

Alcohol consumption is one of the quickest ways to upset your cranky organs. It was the nasty symptoms I experienced in my last year of college which prompted me to see my doctor. I started to see a pattern on the weekends that every good night of partying was quickly followed by constant trips to the bathroom. After consulting with my doctor, it was determined that I had Crohnís Disease. I immediately understood that if I wanted to influence my body into a semi-controlled state, Crohns Disease T-Shirtsit was going to take some drastic measures. No beer, no wine, no martinis. Bummer.

The cold-turkey approach certainly presented its challenges, mainly from the constant reminder from people: ďwhy arenít you drinking?Ē Upon reflection, it is pretty sad when it seems strange that someone isnít drinking. Over time though, I have found it to really be a benefit. I donít carry a beer belly. I donít spend hundreds of dollars at the bar on a weekend. I donít feel it is necessary to have a beer to enjoy good times with people.

It has been over five years since I have even tasted beer, and while I can appreciate some of its great qualities, I am proud to say I really donít miss it. No beer for me. No beer for you?

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