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Diabetes: To Pump or Not To Pump Print Article     Email to a friend
by Angela Lemont

Today is my first full day on an insulin pump, the Paradigm 715 by Medtronic MiniMed. I did not want to go on it. In fact, I resisted it with great defiance. I was quite comfortable with my multiple daily injections via syringe. They were a part of my routine and I did not mind them anymore. I am a creature of habit and I do everything possible to avoid leaving my comfort zone. I dread the unknown. Yet here I sit, Diabetes Itemstyping away, with my pump hooked on my belt, the tubing tucked in my pants and the infusion set in my abdomen. It is now a part of me. There is only one reason I would ever subject myself to a 24-7 relationship with a battery-operated device…I want to have a baby.

To become pregnant, women will go to great lengths. Yet conception does not worry me. My diabetes is under great control and the pump will not increase my odds of becoming pregnant. I am motivated by the desire for a healthy baby. No matter how great my control is now, pregnancy will wreak havoc with my blood sugar. The surge of hormones and my increasing body mass will change my insulin needs weekly, sometimes daily. It would be difficult to manage these fluctuations through multiple daily injections. The pump gives me the flexibility to change my insulin dose by the hour, every Diabetes Items hour of the day and night. I owe it to my baby to give him or her the best possible chance for a healthy start in this world.

So, full of hesitation and anxiety, I inserted the pump for the first time yesterday afternoon. It was not the agonizing moment I imagined it to be. To my surprise, the infusion set went in with such speed that it was virtually painless. The fact that something is attached to my belly takes some getting used to, but I am quickly adjusting to the feel of it all. I love that I do not have to adhere to a schedule anymore. My 8 a.m. morning injection and my 10 p.m. bedtime shot are gone... no more living by the clock. If I want to fall asleep on the couch at 9:00 p.m. I can, and if I want to sleep until 11:00 a.m. on a Sunday I can do that, too! I have to change the insertion site for the pump every 2-3 days, but compared to several shots a day it is like a vacation. Taking insulin by syringe has been replaced by the convenience of pushing a few buttons! What was I waiting for all this time? To pump or not to pump... I answer a definite and ecstatic yes!

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